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NonBk Ltd

Level 2 16 Florence Ave
Area: Hibiscus Coast
Price Range:$$
Your bank manager doesn't hold all the purse strings. Lending options for low deposit home loans, home loans with bad credit, hard to prove income, refinancing support or second mortgages and commercial property finance.

With the choice of lenders still very limited and credit policy becoming increasingly tight, there are many genuine potential borrowers just looking for help when their bank has turned them away.

Non Bk Ltd pride themselves on having a strong focus on finding Non Bank lending solutions for all New Zealanders.

Kim Lyons, Mortgage Broker

The Non Bank Lending Specialist. Kim Lyons is the owner of First Rate Mortgages Ltd. The Non Bank website was built by him as a New Zealand first, and Kim works with a very experienced support team in his Orewa office, along with two additional mortgage brokers helping with enquiries in Auckland and throughout NZ.

While dealing with most mainstream banks, Kim can also offer specialist Non Bank lending advice and services.

Non Bank Home Loans

Non Bank lenders can help with low deposit home loans with just a 10% deposit. They specialise in Non Bank financing for spec builds, 80% rental investments, those wanting to apply for a bad credit home loan, refinancing and debt consolidation or clients needing top ups and bridging finance. Click on the following links for further information

Bad Credit Home Loans | Non Bank Credit Refinance | Non Bank Bridging Finance | Non Bank Low Deposit | Non Bank New Builds | Non Bank Rental 80%.

Non Bank Low Doc

Non bank low doc home loans, equity release, and refinancing is now available in NZ for up to 80% of valuation with minimal income verification required.

A low doc home loan can allow those who are self-employed, on contract or seasonal work, or those who run a small business to apply for a loan from a Non Bank provider. Click on the following links for further information -

Non Bank Low Doc Equity Release | Non Bank Low Doc Home Loans | Non Bank Low doc Refinance.

Second Mortgages

With the RBNZ LVR limitations of 80% lending on owner occupied homes and 65% on rentals, we are often asked to assist first home buyers with 90% funding, using a second mortgage, or rental investors looking for additional funds for renovations, or additional purchases. Click on the following links for further information -

Second Mortgage Debt Consolidation | Second Mortage Business and IRD | Second Mortgage New Homes and Bridging.

Commercial Lending

As commercial mortgage brokers dealing with New Zealand lenders, we specialise in commercial financing, with property loans up to 65%. Commercial property development loans with Non Bank lenders can be arranged for residential development and commercial projects, such as spec builds, investment, or home and land developments. Click on the following links for further information -

Non Bank Commercial Property Investment | Non Bank Development and Construction | Non Bank Owner Occupied

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