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Save The Warehouse Whangaparaoa

August 10, 2020


SAVE THE WAREHOUSE WHANGAPARAOA. WE DON'T WANT TO SEE IT CLOSED!  It is our local branch, and many customers still enjoy shopping here, especially the older generation in our community.  For some of us, The Warehouse Silverdale is too far to travel, especially for those dependent on public transport.  Also it is too busy most of the time.  Also, the Whangaparoa branch is helping keep alive the business community in the region.  

Should change be necessary, then we further suggest that the The Warehouse Whangaparaoa at least be turned into a CLEARANCE STORE for all the lines going out of stock and great specials.  But ultimately, we would prefer this branch to stay just as it is.  

If you'd like to find any local business on the Hibiscus Coast visit our Business Directory.

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8 comments on “Save The Warehouse Whangaparaoa”

  1. Keep our Wharehouse. It's so handy. It seems to be well used
    Who wants to go to Silverdale.With the Plaza being nicely updated,and a kindy coming in,things can only get better.

  2. We really need our wharehouse its essential for the workers and the public ...Elderly people love the bargans ,Young love the clothes, Going all the way to silverdale for a few birthday presents, wont be done by me im affaid ..couldn't be botherd getting in a que that already exists more cars on the road going to get a ball of wool .....please keep it on the coast its needed ..

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